Welcome to Kindergarten to College Savings! We are excited to have you sign up for a College Savings Account for your child. Once you sign up and your participation in this program and eligibility has been verified, K2C will deposit $50 into your account to get you started. Also, if you save any amount for 6 months within the first year of opening your account, K2C will deposit another $50 into your account for all eligible students. The information you provide us today will create an account for your child that you own, but which both you and the K2C program can deposit into. To start, please help us best serve you by answering the survey questions below:
  1. What is the beneficiary's (student's) gender?
  2. What is the beneficiary's (student's) race/ethnicity?
  3. What school does your child (the beneficiary) attend?
  4. What grade is your child (the beneficiary) in at the time of enrollment?
  5. What price does your child (the beneficiary) pay for his/her school lunch?
  6. What language would you prefer to be contacted in?
  7. How do you prefer to be contacted?
  8. What is the name of one person we can contact if we cannot reach you?
  9. What is the best email address to reach that contact at?
  10. What is the best phone number to reach that contact at?
  11. How many children do you have currently enrolled in elementary school at public schools in Oakland?
  12. What is the highest level of education obtained by you or your spouse/partner?
  13. What is your household's average yearly income?
  14. Did you have any plans to save for your child's college before learning about our K2C college savings program?
  15. How did you find out about K2C College Savings Accounts?
  16. How much do you plan to contribute each month to the college savings account you are opening today?
  17. How do you plan to make your monthly contributions to your child's 529 College Savings Account?
  18. Would you like to donate your Oakland Promise K2C savings incentive funds (up to $100) to other children in Oakland?